'Sea Tears' ACEO detail by mousewords

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Welcome to my website! Thank you for coming here!

'Beauty and Beast' ACEO by mousewords-Now available at auction

I’m a writer and an artist from the California Coast. I enjoy creating mental pictures with my writing, and telling stories through my art.

There’s always something new to discover right around the next corner.

Let’s see where the day takes me...

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My Blog

Things are finally getting themselves together. Getting this website in order is next up on the list, but I've marked "Blog" off my to-do list!

Much like a mini-version of my website, my blog has pages that detail my art and works-in-progress. Coming soon are updates on the novel I'm working on.

Oh, yes...and I write blog posts, also. JJ


I enjoy exploring mystical places and tales through my artwork.

One of the best ways for me to do this is through Small Format Art, also known as “SFA,” which is a wonderful and exciting trend in original artwork. Small Format Art is anything less than 14" inches, in any direction.

One fast-growing area of Small Format Art is the realm of ACEOs, or Art Cards Editions and Originals. These are original artists' works or editions that are 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches, the size of baseball cards or trading cards. Artists have traded small versions of their artwork for generations—but ACEOs, a phenomenon that was born on eBay.com, allow anyone to purchase and collect original artwork in this fun size.

Another popular area of Small Format Art is OSWOAs, Original Small Works of Art. These are original artists' works that are 6 inches by 4 inches, the size of post cards.

Small Format Art is highly collectible. Pieces can be displayed alone in a small frame, together in photo collection frames, in plastic sleeves like trading cards or photos--the list is endless! SFA makes a great gift, and is a perfect way to introduce children to original art. It's a wonderful way for collectors to own original works from their favorite artists, and to experience the work of new artists!

You can browse the Art category on eBay for examples of SFA, ACEOs, and OSWOAs.

One of the talented contributors to the world of Small Format Art is my 18-year-old sister,

Photographer Stacy J-M Taylor. She has a fantastic eye and a unique perspective.

Specializing in landscapes and seascapes, Stacy also experiments with abstract photography, and has a great series of Pet Photos, named "My Paws." Please check out her eBay store to see what's new and cool this week!

Photo Art by StacyJMT and My Paws

Stacy also has a website up and running.

There are many great photos and fun features to look at, with more coming soon!

The Official Website of Photo Art by StacyJMT and My Paws

I'll also be highlighting different eBay artists periodically.

The Featured Artist this time is...




And since you're there anyway, please stop by my auctions to see my latest work, in Small Format Art and conventional artwork.

(If there aren't many examples of my art up there, that just means I've been busy writing. There will be a wave of new art coming soon!)

Also, be sure to look for my signature Mousie--he's hidden somewhere in all my latest artwork.

Thanks for looking!

To be continued...

I've always wanted to write that...

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